Life in Nairobi, Kenya

Creator: Manuela Mhina Location: Kenya My Africa is a video series in which we ask interested creatives, entrepreneurs, groups, organizations or businesses to make short 3-5 minutes videos of themselves expressing their love of, and/or vision for Africa including travels, adventures, businesses, organizations etc. Specifically, its about capturing the beauty and wonders of our continent […]

Self-Made Woman: How Psychologist Dr. Tyffani Monford Dent Is Helping Others Live Their Best Life

Seeking mental health services is not a thought that crosses the minds of many in communities of color. We are conditioned from a young age to push through the pain and/or to pray the anger and hurt away. All good advice however, seeking the assistance of a psychologist is something we should encourage. Especially, as […]

Achieving Success: The Nigerian Way!

Whether in your personal or professional life you know a Nigerian, male or female that is either successful or on the verge of success. It’s our personal belief that Nigerians breathe a special kind of air from birth that instills in them the desire and hustle to achieve levels of success never seen before, and […]

Meet Lauren the 25-Year-Old Director!

As a young, educated African American woman Lauren is truly #Blackgirlmagic and an inspiration to all both young and old. She is the current Director of Communications with the Justin Fairfax Campaign, a position that comes to most after more than 10 years in the game but she earned in a mere three years after […]