Aesthetic, Architecture and Art: Meet the Trio Blazing the African Trail

As we continue to strive, to own and change our narratives with rapidly falling poverty, increasing investment, and one of the youngest populations; our rich culture is taking the world stage by storm from Afrobeats, movies, fashion and architecture. We (Africans) have always known and understood our greatness, the only difference is that now the […]

Dance to the Beat of Your Own Balafon: The Journey of Guinea’s Toumaranke Band.

There is nothing like a good beat made from authentic African instruments such as the balafon, bolon and gongo to get your Monday started off right! The lovely sounds these instruments make together is the music of Guinea’s Toumaranke band. The makeup of the band is very interesting and befitting of it’s name as Toumaranke […]

Early Education: Black History Month Books for Kids

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”…women – Frederick Douglass We celebrate black heritage year round #365, but this month we take the time to highlight the successes, challenges and experiences of African Americans. For all you mothers, fathers, sisters,brothers, uncles, aunts, grandmothers, best friends etc. we did some digging […]

Sisters Joan & Angela Take on the African Blogging Scene

Blogging has become a key component of today’s information system, for some it’s how they get their news, updates on fashion trends, best beauty products, travel spots and insight on what their peers around the world are up to. It’s our version of pen pal letters and cultural exchange programs. The concept of blogging is […]