15 Gambian Women Kicking Ass in 2020

Know their Names!

We have this habit of not celebrating each other in our community and/or being extremely selective in who we applaud for their hard-work and dedication. Most of us, are simply doing what we love and not looking for accolades. However, it is nice for your peers, friends and family to pat you on your back with a simple “nice job”!

2020 has been a wild one. Yet, these women have been kicking ass! We celebrate you! We applaud your work! We smile at your dedication! We wink at your boldness! For that, we’re sending a virtual hug for being unapologetically you!

Thank you for inspiring us to keep going in all of our fabulous Gambian-ness. 

*This is not a ranking of any individual or their accomplishments.*

Adama Jobe

Gambia’s Top Model.

Follow her journey: | Twitter | Instagram 

2020 Win: Featured on the COVER of Harper’s Bazaar October/November 2020 Exclusive Issue & Vogue magazine campaign 

Lovette Jallow

Published Author fighting against racism, discrimination and social injustice.

Follow her journey:  Website | Twitter | Instagram 

2020 Win: Advocating and supporting 45 Gambian Girls Stranded in Lebanon and her recently, published book “Stranger in white spaces”.


Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe

The first elected female Mayor in the history of Banjul,The Gambia.

Follow her journey:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

2020 Win: Elected as President of the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum (ACCSF). 

Fatoumatta Rahman Coker

Social justice activist and presenter/Host at Elite Media.

Follow her journey: | Facebook |

2020 Win: Using her voice to speak for and to the voiceless. 

Miss Jobizz Kaljula

Singer and song writer.

Follow her journey:  | Twitter | Music

2020 Win: Most streamed female artist 

Mariama Colley

Actress (Nominated Actress African Oscars), radio presenter and activist .

Follow her journey: | Twitter | Instagram  

2020 Win: Nominated for Outstanding Up & Comer Actress 2020 (US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards)

Ngaima Sesay

Mental Health & Psychosocial Trauma Professional, and founder of OPI Gambia.

Follow her journey: | Twitter | Instagram 

2020 Win:  Leading voice advancing mental health for all Gambians especially, women. 

Oley Dibba-Wadda

Strategic analyst and expert in international development policy.

Follow her journey: | Twitter | Website

2020 Win: Face of Gambian women in politics. 

Suwai Sonko

Founder & Executive Director, Jileng Kunda Project- a Nonprofit Foundation.

Follow her journey: | Twitter | Website

2020 Win: Funding the Essau School Restoration project and stocking the library. 

Amy Sohna

Proprietress of Her Apparel–Redefining Modesty For Women.

Follow her journey: | Twitter | Instagram 

2020 Win: Leading Modesty brand for young women.

Fatou Ellika Muloshi

Presenter and reporter for the Gambia Radio and Television Services.

Follow her journey: | Twitter | YouTube

2020 Win:  African Women in Media (pitch) winner for Green transitions and energy access.

Aisha Gambia

Social Media Influencer.

Follow her journey: | Instagram | Facebook

2020 Win: Social media influencer of the year

Gina Bass

Track and Field Olympian.

Follow her journey: | Facebook |

2020 Win: The only Gambian female athlete to qualify for and to compete in the upcoming 2021 Olympics. 

Jaha Mapenzi Dukureh

Founder of Safe Hands 4 Girls tackling FGM.

Follow her journey: | Twitter |  Instagram | Facebook

2020: Gambia’s first L’Oréal spokesperson

Jama Jack

Feminist and Communications Professional.

Follow her journey: | Twitter |  Instagram | Facebook 

2020 Win: Exceptional COVID-19 communications strategy and implementation by MRC Unit The Gambia 

These Gambian women continue to make us all proud in their respective fields. We wish you continued success!

There are so, so many Gambian women blazing the trail in their respective fields most unknown; given our culture of moving and celebrating in silence. We applaud you all for your perseverance and tenacity. Pat yourselves on the back, and give yourself a treat…You Deserve it!

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