Happy World Literacy Day!

Together, we can move Gambia Forward!

We at Fye Network (Fyen) believe that Gambian children are the change agents we have been waiting for; change agents that will break the cycles of poverty, corruption, mismanagement and misogyny. To do so, we must start with providing quality education including leisure and exploratory reading materials.

As social entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to give back as often as possible. Thus, Fyen has partnered with the Jileng Kunda Project to donate our books to Gambian children across the country. When it comes to education, Jileng Kunda believes that children deserve the best. They work diligently to bring remote and rural schools up to national and international education standards! It is for these reasons, that together Fyen and Jileng Kunda are celebrating World Literacy Day with a pay it forward event called the Buy One, Give One Book Donation. For every book purchased from Fyen, Fyen will donate to the Jileng Kunda Project throughout the entire month of September! In turn, the Jileng Kunda Project will distribute all donated books to several schools across the country focusing on our most remote and rural schools.

Fyen deliberately selected the Jileng Kunda Project as its partner because Jileng Kunda works to identify vulnerable government and community schools that are in desperate need of restoration. They construct and renovate classrooms, staff rooms, libraries, and school grounds, as well as hygienic toilets and clean drinking water. Moreover, the Jileng Kunda project provides important educational materials, textbooks, resources and trains teachers to inspire their students.

As a progressive organization, the Jileng Kunda Project takes the time to understand the unique needs of each school and community. With your support, friends and family, we can create lasting and robust foundational change to the education system in The Gambia for generations to come. We promise to hold each other accountable, and work side-by-side to ensure these book donations will benefit the most vulnerable children.

Join us in making a difference! Order a book today by visiting: https://fyenetwork.com/shop/

Use Coupon Code: JKP

Your book will be delivered with a receipt of your donation to the Jileng Kunda Project. The Jileng Kunda Project will keep you abreast of your donation from shipment to distribution in The Gambia!

Learn more about the Jileng Kunda Project by visiting: https://www.jilengkundaproject.org/

Happy World Literacy Day! Together, we can move Gambia Forward!

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