How Wearing The Hijab Made Me Fall Back In Love With Fashion

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Hijab; an Arabic word meaning cover or veil, often used to refer to the head scarf muslim women wear. Hijabis; Muslim women who wear the hijab.

With President – elect Donald Trump espousing islamophobic rhetoric it may not seem like the ideal time to adorn the islamic headscarf and become identifiably Muslim in America. There were several things I considered before deciding to wear the hijab. As a young professional, what would this mean for my career? With continuous hate crimes against Muslims, what would this mean for my safety? There were so many things to consider but none were more important to me than fulfilling a crucial facet of my faith.

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When I made the decision to wear the hijab I was thrilled to find a thriving online community of hijabis. I spent hours lost on YouTube and Instagram relishing the images and videos of beautiful Muslim women from around the world. As superficial as it may seem, I was relieved to find that I wouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion for salvation. I was inspired by the array of hijab styles I came across, ranging from punk, minimalist, modern, and traditional. Each woman brought something unique to the way she rocked her interpretation of modesty.

Hijabi fashion bloggers, living in places such as the UK, Canada, Nigeria, and Dubai, offer a glimpse into the lives of Muslim women around the world. Their sultry accents and cheeky banter in their hometown slang defy the stifling stereotypes of the timid, rigid, and reserved Muslim woman. Listening to these women share their challenges and triumphs was incredibly reassuring as I embarked on my journey to wear the hijab.

I was excited by the challenge of reworking my wardrobe. I happily gave up the mini skirts and crop tops that crowded my closet and replaced them with palazzo pants, maxi skirts, and drape tops. I quickly discovered the exacting joy of building a hijab collection. I ordered hijabs varying in colors and textures, jersey, georgette, viscose, and my all time favorite, chiffon. I am still searching for my signature hijab style, a crucial milestone for all hijabis. It is the hijab style that frames your face just right, creates the perfect rippling folds, or gives you the exact amount of volume that you love. Many people think that wearing hijab saves time when getting ready everyday. The truth is, the amount of time you would have spent on your hair is now being spent on picking the right hijab to match the rest of your outfit. Whether you’re going for corporate, casual, or date night, your hijab plays the important role of pulling together your entire look.

Fashion aside, my hijab serves as a constant reminder of my faith. At first sight, it tells you something very important about me. With prejudice, punitive legislation, and islamophobia on the rise it is a true act of courage every time a Muslim woman chooses to leave her home with the hijab. It is an act of defiance to proudly and fiercely declare her faith in the face of so much animosity.


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