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The Biggest Little Brother by Aminata Jalloh

Meet Aminata Jalloh, author of The Biggest Little Brother  a story that touches on ” the ideas of compromising different identities as families grow, non-traditional family structures and multiculturalism”. Our fellow African from Sierra Leone published her first book in 2016, and has plans to expand the publication into a series sharing the experiences of African […]

Self-Made Woman: How Psychologist Dr. Tyffani Monford Dent Is Helping Others Live Their Best Life

Seeking mental health services is not a thought that crosses the minds of many in communities of color. We are conditioned from a young age to push through the pain and/or to pray the anger and hurt away. All good advice however, seeking the assistance of a psychologist is something we should encourage. Especially, as […]

Achieving Success: The Nigerian Way!

Whether in your personal or professional life you know a Nigerian, male or female that is either successful or on the verge of success. It’s our personal belief that Nigerians breathe a special kind of air from birth that instills in them the desire and hustle to achieve levels of success never seen before, and […]

Meet Lauren the 25-Year-Old Director!

As a young, educated African American woman Lauren is truly #Blackgirlmagic and an inspiration to all both young and old. She is the current Director of Communications with the Justin Fairfax Campaign, a position that comes to most after more than 10 years in the game but she earned in a mere three years after […]

Meet Ericka Perry, the Woman Building an Empire and Adding Color to the Maternity Field

The word motherhood means many things to different women, all defined by our individual experiences. The journey from conception to birth is joyous, life changing, and can be very stressful. Combined with the benefits of globalization which has not only expanded our views of the world but also, paved the way for family members to […]